The Foundation

NuHealing IV Hydration & Wellness was founded by Sharia Livingston as a way to foster core well-being at the cellular level through IV vitamin therapy and individualized wellness plans.

Her journey, punctuated by over 12 years as a Registered Nurse, coupled with her entrepreneurial flair and deep-seated commitment to education, forms the bedrock of NuHealing.



Nothing is more crucial than the well-being of our clients. With rigorous safety protocols, we guarantee that our treatments always meet the highest standards of care and precaution.


We take pride in celebrating the myriad of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This richness in diversity is reflected in our team and the clients we serve, creating a space of inclusivity and understanding.


Every decision and action is anchored in honesty. We are always directed towards the betterment of our clients, putting their needs and welfare above all.


Excellence in service is non-negotiable. Our professionalism stands as a testament to our dedication, promising our clients an experience that is nothing short of top-tier.


Our connection to the community is invaluable. By building and nurturing relationships, we ensure a responsive approach, always attuned to the needs and feedback from those we serve.


The journey of knowledge is ceaseless. We are not only educators for our clients but perpetual learners ourselves, staying updated with the latest advancements and always enhancing our expertise.

The Founder

Sharia Livingston’s healthcare journey began in 2008 with a diploma in Medical Assisting from Remington College. She quickly advanced from roles like Lab Operations Assistant/Phlebotomist to earning her degree in Nursing from Bryant & Stratton College in 2011 and becoming a RN. Her nursing career began in long-term care, but her passion quickly gravitated towards emergency medicine.

In 2015, she entered the world of entrepreneurship, founding Living Rich apparel. In 2020, Sharia established the Rich Scholars non-profit for mentoring entrepreneurs. Merging her extensive nursing, entrepreneurship, and education background, she founded NuHealing IV Hydration and Wellness. Here, she plans to build an healthcare organization ensuring clients receive exceptional care and education coupled with holistic wellness plans

The NuHealing Team

Meet the dedicated and friendly professionals at NuHealing who prioritize your well-being! Our team is currently being built and is will soon be comprised with skilled nurses, caring support staff, and dedicated providers from various backgrounds, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience on your wellness journey. From environmental services to our Registered Nurse and Medical Director, we value every team member who contributes to your health and satisfaction. Explore more about the NuHealing team below and we welcome you to show interest if this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of! 

Sharia Livingston, RN

Founder / Infusion Nurse

Jaimi Lohmann BSN RN

Infusion Nurse

Derrick "Dj" Thomas

Marketing Outreach Director

Dr. Idrees Mohiuddin

Medical Director

Taylor Nix APRN, CNP

Nurse Practitioner

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Sharia Livingston RN

Founder / Infusion Nurse

As the driving force behind our company, Sharia wears multiple hats. With 12 years as a registered nurse and a significant portion of that time spent in emergency medicine, her expertise in IV therapy and injection administration is foundational to our services. Sharia not only oversees our business operations but also plays a hands-on role in administering services.

Sharia is pivotal in identifying challenges, strategizing solutions, implementing plans, evaluating results, and ensuring the overall quality and safety of our protocols and standards. Sharia LOVES music and a good laugh, but some of her other hobbies and interest include teaching, traveling, dancing and spending quality time with close family and friends. In particular, her daughter. 

Jaimi Lohmann BSN, RN

Infusion Nurse

Meet  Jaimi Lohmann, our dynamic Infusion Nurse boasting over two decades of nursing prowess! With a foundation rooted in compassion and expertise, Jaimi embarked on her nursing journey, earning her Associates Degree from Owens State Community College before advancing her education with a BSN from Ohio Northern University. Her illustrious career has seen her excel in various settings, from the Operating Room to the Outpatient Infusion Center and Oncology. Armed with unparalleled IV skills honed over years of dedicated service, Jaimi is thrilled to join the NuHealing IV Hydration and Wellness family!

Outside of her professional endeavors, Her adventurous spirit leads her to embrace the great outdoors through kayaking, hiking, camping, and exploring new destinations. Jaimi is eager to connect with you and contribute to your health and wellness journey.

Derrick "Dj" Thomas

Marketing Outreach Director

Derrick Dj Thomas serves as the Marketing Outreach Director at NuHealing IV Hydration, bringing a wealth of experience in small business consulting and banking from his tenure with multiple esteemed institutions. His role extends to strategizing comprehensive marketing initiatives that connect NuHealing’s innovative wellness solutions with a broader audience. With a strong background in business development and lending solutions at Bank of America, Derrick has earned a reputation for his reliable and client-centric approach.

A graduate from Youngstown State University with a dual focus on marketing and psychology, DJ leverages his deep understanding of consumer behavior to craft impactful marketing strategies. Currently pursuing a Certification in Certified Financial Planning, his commitment to professional growth aligns seamlessly with NuHealing’s ethos of holistic wellness.

Outside his professional endeavors, DJ finds joy in attending sports events, exploring new destinations, and prioritizing fitness in his leisure time.

Dr. Idrees Mohiuddin

Medical Director, MD

Dr Idrees Mohiuddin is a board-certified Internal Medicine provider in the state of Ohio.

Serving as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toledo Medical Center since 2017, Dr. Mohiuddin has honed his expertise in delivering quality healthcare. Alongside, he actively practices telemedicine across various platforms.

At NuHealing, Dr. Mohiuddin plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe client services are carried out. His responsibilities encompass facility supervision, conducting chart reviews, protocol review and authorization, addressing clinical queries, and authorization of both treatment orders and supplies, all geared towards delivering exceptional care and service quality.

Taylor Nix APRN, CNP

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Taylor Nix, APRN CNP. Is Our vibrant Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of healthcare expertise spanning over a decade. Graduating from Kent State University with a nursing degree and further honing her skills with a Master’s Degree from Chamberlain University, Taylor embodies a dedication to excellence in patient care.

With a focus on adult primary care, she brings a compassionate approach to wellness, emphasizing prevention and holistic health. Beyond her professional endeavors, Taylor finds joy in exploring the world, curating unforgettable moments with loved ones, and indulging in her passions for interior design, mixology, and crafting. Eager to cater to your comprehensive healthcare and hydration needs, Taylor is here to elevate your well-being journey to new heights!