Why You Should Join...

Ready to unlock the benefits of a NuHealing membership and save on your wellness journey? Choose from our carefully crafted packages to elevate your health and well-being. By subscribing to our membership program, you not only save on costs but also enhance and maintain your health, taking it to new heights.

The Wellness Room Experience

Experience the pinnacle of relaxation and rejuvenation with our exclusive Wellness Room at NuHealing. Designed for those who seek the utmost in comfort and privacy, our Wellness Room offers a serene escape from the ordinary.

Solo or Together

Indulge in the luxury of our Wellness Room solo or share the experience with a loved one with our special pair pricing. We’ve crafted an ambiance of serenity that’s perfect for both scenarios.

Personalized Comfort

Sink into our state-of-the-art massage chairs, while you take control of the lighting and entertainment system to create your ideal atmosphere. This is your oasis, designed to cater to your unique preferences.

Exclusive Amenities
We’ve curated a selection of amenities to elevate your visit. Enjoy our infusion therapy in a secluded setting, where your well-being takes center stage.
Unwind and rejuvenate in a space that reflects the importance of your self-care journey. The Wellness Room awaits to envelop you in a world of tranquility and luxury. Welcome to a higher level of well-being at NuHealing.

NuHealing Membership Options

Healing Essential

$ 99
  • (1) Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 injection
  • (1) Refresh Infusion (500ml or 1L)
  • 15% off additional Refresh Infusions
  • 10% off ANY Vitamin IV infusion
  • 10% off ANY IM Injection
  • 10% off ANY Infusion Add-Ons
  • 20% off Wellness Room Upgrade
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • 30 Day Cancellation Notice Required (after 3 months)

Healing Plus

$ 200
  • (2) Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 injections